Top 5 Cray Lip Looks

No, I don’t mean crazy. This is my attempt to me hip in the title of a blogpost. I am twenty-five years old, and just wrote cray. You can tell I am a wee bit more mature, because I said cray and not cray-cray, but I digress. Kooky lip looks have always appealed to me more than a bold eye look. It’s a lot easier to achieve, and more people are wary about ‘not pulling it off’, so when you do, the sun shines out your hoo-ha. I thought I would compile five looks like I did, with a range of different products I found in my collection. Hope you enjoy! X

First up is Lime Crime Mint to Be (RRP $18.00)Lime Crime is the poster girl of bright lipsticks and bold looks, so it probably comes as no surprise. I chose Mint to Be (and did a very early review on the lipsticks here) as my first crazy lipstick and although I’ve probably worn it out of the house a total of two times, ever… it’s still well cherished in my collection.

Next is something for those of you who might not be willing to shell out extra cash for silly coloured lipsticks. This is actually an cream eyeshadow pencil Rimmel London Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick (RRP $6.47). Ingenious no? It’s pretty full on, but I would probably wear this on a bold night out.

Next up, an alternative to regular black lipstick! This lipstick is Navy Black Petite HD Lipstick by My Beauty Addiction (RRP $8.96) on Etsy. If you love supporting Indie brands and love highly pigmented, affordable lipsticks, this store is for you! Check out my review on this colour, as well as two other “tamer” colours I tried :)

Next is at first glance, a regular red lip. But by outlining the edges in black liner, and shading the corners of your lips in with red lipstick, you can create an awesome 3D effect for your lips! This one doesn’t require buying new, crazy one-use products either. You can probably find these in your makeup collection! I used MAC Russian Red Matte Finish Lipstick (RRP $36.00), and a Klara Black Eyeliner Pencil to shade in the darker areas.

Next is what I am wearing for the 2015 New Year! Nothing like an eye-catching, sparkly lip to see in a new year. This lip look is by Glitter Lips Australia in Sparkling Rose* (RRP $29.95). You can easily apply a thin coat of the gloss bond to your lips (be careful around the edges!) and then pat on the glitter particles onto your lips. I was so surprised at how long this lasts! I thought it would be uncomfortable, or gross, but this glitter really sticks to your lips and barely budges. Full review on this one soon!

Would you rock any of these crazy lip looks?

  • Chelsea W

    I actually really like the Mint to Be color (I can see it going well with pale skin like mine), and I’m definitely up for some sparky lips!

    • Kate Flint

      Mint to Be is definitely one for those with paler skin, and it looks awesome with tanned and darker complexions as well! So long as you rock it with pride and ditch the haters, it’s a sure win :D

  • Jasmine Huston

    This is the best post evar! That navy coloured one is too gorgeous! I also have Mint To Be and loooooove wearing it, even though I get funny looks sometimes! Sigh people just don’t understand fashion :P

    • Kate Flint

      I know right! I’ve made a game out of my make up looks and people’s reactions. Always a fun little social experiment to have :P :D At least I know I can count on you to believe in mint coloured lips! :D Xxx

  • Paige McKinnon

    Mint to Be is such a cute colour but it would take a bold girl to wear it! ^ v ^

    • Kate Flint

      I know what you mean! An energy drink or a wine tends to help in not caring what people think about it :P