Top 5 - Life Lately

Without my beloved iPhone/selfie machine (still!) I haven’t been able to update the masses on my life of late. I thought I might do an old fashioned, chatty blog post to update everyone on some changes. June has certainly been an interesting month and I really wish I could have documented it a bit more. Here’s a run down for you!


1. Work Inductions & New Friends- I travelled up to Rockhampton to learn all the ins and outs of my new job. I was able to bond with my new colleagues and meet some amazing people from other sites. One lovely lady, Bek, is a blogger too, check out her blog Little Red for her musings.

2. White Screen of Death - My laptop crashed and I have been dying - #thestruggle. You don’t realize how much you rely on something until it’s gone. My baby is currently in MacBook hospital and should be back soon. You might have noticed that my limited posts have had poor photos and sometimes stock photos. I am hoping to update them all so my posts are consistent across the board as soon as I have the means to!


3. Pimento - I took in an older Chihuahua (named Pimento for her teeny size next to my friend’s cat Olive) after I found her shaking and scared in the middle of the road. She was a lovely addition to the household for a couple of days before we located her owner. She has certainly turned around my opinion of Chihuahuas!


4. Caveman Selfies - After a few weeks without a phone, I rediscovered my Fuji Instax camera which has been fun to play around with! It’s more challenging to take a good selfie the first time, with no chance of deleting or trying 50 times.


Strawberry & Apple pie (without the lid ;))

5. Crochet, Reading & Baking - Instead of browsing through Instagram or YouTube to pass the time, I have had to find a new way to entertain myself. I’ve gone back to my love of crochet (I am currently making a baby blanket for a friend) and I am finally reading the latest Stephen King “Doctor Sleep”. I’ve also been loving baking weekends with my good friend Kasia. We’ve made It’s been so nice to have a break from social media even though I miss everyone!

So that’s been my life lately! What have you been up to?




  • Christine

    Looks like you’ve been keeping yourself busy! I’ve missed your postings on Instagram though :( Same old happening here except I have to have my gallbladder out next month. Ouch!

    • Kate Flint

      Oh dear, hope it goes well Christine! I am missing all the Instagram updates too, I feel out of the loop! Xo

  • Caroline

    Sounds like you had a busy month! Love that you saved a dog.

    • Kate Flint

      She was such a sweetheart! Turns out she was about 10 years old, no wonder she was so snuggly!

  • Sarah

    Bring me some of that pie NOW!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    • Kate Flint

      All gone! :( But I am thinking I will have to share the recipe on here soon :D