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I’ve been blogging here on The Minted Beauty for close to one year, (I know, crazy) so I thought I would delve into my statistics to see what posts have been YOUR favourites this year. These are the most viewed and the most searched on search engines in 2013/2014. It’s good to see a range of different posts, including a Top 5, a Macabre Monday, some reviews and even a Smackdown.


REVIEW: LÓreal Nude Magique CC Creams

I am still loving these CC Creams, and have almost finished the Anti-Redness (green) and Anti-Fatigue (purple) tubes up! I gifted the Anti-Fatigue (orange) CC Cream to a friend with a darker skin tone. I’ll definitely be repurchasing Anti-Redness in a couple of weeks!


REVIEW: MAC Plumful Lustre Lipstick

This was one of my first MAC lipstick purchases, and it is still a firm favourite in my collection. More over, this is THE lipstick that began my obsession with plum and purple lipstick shades.


SMACKDOWN: MAC Russian Red vs MAC Lady Danger

Since recently losing my MAC Russian Red lipstick (*sniffle*) I have been feeling the pinch without it. I will be putting this back into my collection as soon as I can, but for the time being I will be using the reds in my collection. However, MAC Lady Danger remains one of my go-to lipsticks for a daring day.

Macabre Monday #2 - My Fear of Clowns

I am pretty excited to see a Macabre Monday make the Top 5 here. I have a soft spot for all my spooky posts. They are so much fun to write, and this one was no exception. And no, I am not kidding when I say I don’t go to the circus.


Top 5 Drugstore Orange Lipsticks

It would be a shame if a Top 5 post didn’t make it to the list, but luckily, coming in at #5 is my Top 5 Drugstore Orange Lipsticks. I still love wearing a Mandarin Mouth, and while a few more favourites have been added to the roster, these five still remain as great picks.

I hope you enjoyed this little step back in time. Have you been following me for long, or are you new to TBM? Comment below!

  • LouLovesBeauty

    Happy 1 year anniversary!

    • Kate Flint

      Glad you enjoyed the post :):) Let me know what you think of the CC Creams and Lady Danger! Xo

  • Caroline

    Well Happy Blogaversary! Here’s to many more wonderful posts!

    • Kate Flint

      Thanks lovely! The actual day is July 15th, so keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway! Shhh ;)