Top 5 Reasons to Get the Chop

10487606_10152603250415802_3137534214113010907_n I am a hair chameleon. You know this. Since starting this blog one year ago, I have had ombred hair, blonde hair, pink hair, purple hair, red hair, blue dip dye and much more in between. Something that I’ve kept ‘vanilla’ has been the cut. But no more. I recently got the chop, and I couldn’t be happier. I thought I would do a little blog post ‘review’ of sorts on the benefits of chopping your locks.

1. Less Style Time

It takes only a few minutes to blow dry and straighten my hair now. It’s easier and I can literally brush my hair and walk out the door.

2. Split Ends Be-Gone!

I have no more split ends! They are at the dump or maybe being knit into some kind of sweater by a mad man right now. My hair looks crazy healthy, it’s criminal!

3. Fresh, Light and Sassy

As soon as I left the salon, I was filled with sass. My step became springy, I was flicking my head around and checking out windows to catch a glimpse of this foxy new woman. Full of myself? Maybe. But it feels damn good to feel good :)

4. Your clothes are all new again

I am wearing all my clothes in my closet with gusto. Now that I have shorter hair, dresses, shirts and jackets have new life! They look completely different on me, and I feel fab in everything.

5. Less product usage

As I poured the shampoo into my hand and popped it on my head, I realized I didn’t need that much. I needed about a quarter of what I would normally use. My bank account will love me.

Could you part with your long locks, or have you already? Comment Below!

  • Christine

    I’m currently doing the opposite and trying to grow mine longer! (it’s normally shoulder length) Once it’s long enough I want to start playing around with different styles, maybe try some curls (eep!)

    • Kate

      Definitely do! I am too lazy to do things to often with my hair, which is why a shorter style makes perfect sense right now! :)

  • Carly

    I love this hair cut on you! It looks gorgeous! And the pink/purple ombre is stunning! I’m full of hair envy ;)

    • Kate

      Aw thanks lovely :) The ombre was a wee bit of an accident at first but I love how it turned out! :D

  • Claire Fearon

    I LOVE this post! I’ve never really contemplated getting my hair cut before but this lovely little post makes a helluvaaaa lotta sense! I actually can’t imagine the amazing new lease of life your wardrobe must have with your new do, OH GOD now I’m thinking of jumping on the bandwagon! Your hair (and you, in general) is absolutely radiant, I actually think that you could have a mullet and still rock the shit out of it :)

    Claire xo

    • Kate

      Do it! I would love some company on the Bob Train. Haha I had a very slight mullet in highschool when that Scene thinned out hair look was cool. I don’t know if I rocked it but I certainly wore it with pride ;)

  • Wonderlusting

    This is a fantabulous look on you. I’ve gradually been going shorter and shorter and it can be so liberating!

  • Lisa Powell

    You look gorgeous! That new hair cut is Amazing! I always had long, long hair and then a year ago I cut it all off to a chin length bob. I’m growing it long again now but I get what you mean about the instant sass :) I also love the idea that the hair is being knitted into a sweater :) xx

  • caroline

    Cutting my hair was the best thing I ever did. Your hair looks amazing, love the colour!

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