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Winter fashion is something I look forward to every year, and it’s hard not to go crazy during those End of Financial Year Sales! I thought I would construct a post on my favourite must-have Winter Fashion pieces for every year - but of course you can switch up trends as they come and go every year.




Let’s start at the top with a beanie! I love wearing beanies (especially during those frizzy hair days) and you can dress them up or down. A simple, black beanie can look super chic for a day out at the park and keeps your hair out of your face. For a bolder day look, try a coloured beanie, or a statement beanie. My favourite is my RAD beanie from Sportsgirl.



Sweaters were huge in 2013 and it’s a trend that is not going to go away so easily! I love knitted jumpers with instarsia (patterns) knitted into the front, or those Nordic patterns that I wish us Aussies could wear at Christmas time. They look great on their own or with a collared shirt underneath. Geek chic reigns!



A cosy jacket to shield you from the elements is key in the colder seasons. I love having a jacket with a little (faux!) fur or lamb’s wool in the collar to really keep you snuggly. I am also eyeing off those part-denim-part-hoodie jackets that have been everywhere!



A staple in any closet has to be a trench. Either the basic tan, a classic black, or a chic white, you really can’t go wrong! My TopShop Black Trench saw me right through Europe and I will have it for years to come. This is a wool blend coat, so it’s super warm and goes with everything.



Tights are the easiest way to keep warm, from opaque to wool blend. In the last couple of years, I’ve seen some amazing patterns and prints on stockings and tights, and it has no indication of slowing down! Whether you want to rock the plain, black wool, or have a cute kitten on your kneecap, there will be tights that will add class/cute to your outfit.



Nothing makes me happier than a pair of warm, cosy socks on a cool night. Despite living in Queensland, Australia, I have a large range of woolen socks that I get to wear for about four weeks of the year. Either to bed or layered above ankle boots, socks can be a great way to keep your tootsies warm and fashionable.

What are your essential items for Winter Fashion?

  • Caroline

    Honestly I can’t quite start thinking about winter just yet but I do love those beanies!

    • Kate Flint

      Is it still warm where you are? It’s starting to get a nip in the air where I am. It doesn’t help that I am a little wussy when it comes to temperature, haha!