Latest Hair Routine ft. Paul Mitchell

On April 15, 2014 by Kate

I’ve been dying my hair blonde for the past 8 months or so, and it is still in pretty good health. I’ve had one hair cut this entire time, partly because I have been scrimping on them, and partly because I’ve really only needed one in this time. My hair is in pretty good condition, considering I bleach my roots every 4-6 weeks, and of course bleaching can result in more breakage.

Because my natural hair state in the tropical climate I live in is super oily, it is actually pretty manageable and not overly dry. I still use a bunch of treatments and make sure I am looking after my hair. I thought I would update you all with my new hair routine, considering I am using a bunch of new products lately!

Paul Mitchell Blonde Shampoo*& Conditioner*

I am really loving this shampoo and conditioner combination. It is ever so slightly violet coloured which keeps blonde hair bright and white, but it isn’t so pigmented that overuse will turn the hair grey. It’s also sulfate free and contains an exclusive KerActive protein that helps nourish the hair.

I’ve been using this shampoo and conditioner for about three weeks and I find that my hair feels softer and less ‘straw-like’ then it normally would after a shower (with no treatment).

Paul Mitchell Hair Repair Treatment*

This hair repair treatment is quite nice, and although I don’t favour it as the best hair repair treatment ever (that award still remains with the Natural Macadamia Deep Repair Masque), I am still thoroughly enjoying this product. It’s light, doesn’t weigh down my hair (which can happen very easily) and I’ve noticed a lot less breakage since I began using it.

It contains wheat-derived conditioners and amino acids to strengthen the hair and boost shine.

Paul Mitchell Seal & Shine*

I don’t often heat style my hair, partly because I don’t want to damage my bleached hair, and also partly because I am lazy. When I do heat style (maybe twice a week) I have been using this seal & shine heat protectant. I’ve found it perfect for my hair type, which can be weighed down very easily by products. I found it has a pleasant scent and leaves my hair shiny and smooth, one I will definitely be repurchasing!

Have you tried any of Paul Mitchell’s products?

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx

  • caroline

    I haven’t tried Paul Mitchell in a long time. I love that the shampoo is sulfate free though, that’s so important!

  • Abby

    These products are amazing. Paul Mitchell is awesome! Thanks for giving us a peek into your hair care routine :)

    • Kate

      I agree! Thanks for reading :):) X