March Minted Sponsors

This is the very first post of showing off my advertisers for the month! I introduced Minted Advertising this month to encourage newer or smaller bloggers to advertise their blogs or websites on my sidebar. I also hosted a small giveaway for a Peppermint Sponsor position as well.

Vanity Rose Official

Vanity Rose Official

First up is the lovely Shannon, and winner of my Peppermint Sponsor Giveaway. At only sixteen years old, she is already writing amazing posts about fashion and beauty. She resides in the Carribean (*jelly*) and her obsession with beauty is growing all the time.


I’m just finding the makeup world and my makeup collection is just starting to grow. Through my blog I want to share this growth with you all and share my experiences as well.

In the future, Shannon is looking to begin her own clothing line one day! Amazing! I’ve been enjoying her amazing collections of outfit ideas from Polyvore. Check her blog out and follow if you’d like!


Gipsy Dharma

Next up in Gipsy Dharma, a unique clothing and accessories line which are all handmade. The quality and individuality of these pieces are outstanding, I’ve never come across anything like them before!

The clothes and boots are meant to be like a ‘second skin’. There are some amazing brown ankle boots that I have my eye on, they look so comfortable and very boho.


Jump on over to their site and take a peek. Anyone who is interested in cosplay, or just likes comfy, cute boots and skirts, this will be right up your alley!

Stay Minty and Stay Tuned for more sponsors! If you are interested in sponsoring The Minted Beauty, click here!

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