Review: GHD Heat Protection Spray


I recently received the GHD Heat Protection Spray RRP $24.00 in the August Violet Box, and I was so chuffed. I was not aware that the GHD brand, most well known for their flat iron hair straighteners, also provided hair products as well! I have owned my purple Limited Edition Straightener by GHD since 2008 and it still works fantastically. That’s seven years! Almost a decade! It goes to show that they know their s**t when it comes to hair hardware.

But what about their hair products? Here are my thoughts on the GHD Heat Protection Spray after using it a couple of weeks.

The spray is super light weight, and doesn’t add any weight to my fine hair. To quote Ned Flanders, if feels like you’re wearing nothing at all! It has a non-offensive scent which is a little bit musky, but nothing too over powering. I used this product while blow drying my hair from damp, and also while straightening afterwards. I found that it really helped keep my hair smooth and soft! I sprayed it through my hair (including roots) about six or seven times, first before blow drying, and then again before straightening.

Moving onto the packaging, I found it a great size, it fit into my hand easily. It has a matte black finish on the bottle which I think makes it look glamourous and chic. It sprays the product evenly and lightly, perfect for fine, wispy hair that is prone to fly aways!

Overall, I would say definitely try and get your hands on this product! I think GHD have definitely outdone themselves, and I would repurchase this product! Only good hair days to come after this!

Have you used this product? Do you think GHD are more than just a great hair tool maker?

10 thoughts on “Review: GHD Heat Protection Spray

  1. Haha I love the Ned Flanders quote. Great that it doesn’t seem to leave residue. Does it give any hold? I’m thinking not or you would have mentioned it, and by the looks of it, it doesn’t claim to on the bottle. Still, sounds like a good one! Thanks for sharing :D

    • Haha slipping Simpsons quotes into everyday life just seems to happen :P

      It doesn’t have any hold whatsoever..that I can tell anyway. I like to use a little hairspray after straightening just to give it the last smoothing over :)

  2. I tried this out ages ago and it was such a nice spray for my hair. I shall definitely be picking up a new one x

  3. I really want to try this, I’ve heard a lot of buzz about it! I currently use Aussie Heat Defence and I love it, it smells unbelievable - I’ve been using it for years! Your hair smells amazing right until your next wash. It’s nice to change it up a little though and GHD is a brand I’d trust! xx

  4. I got my GHDs on my 21st birthday (ex was going to buy them but we broke up so I went and got them myself. Girl power!) and they still work amazingly well 7 years later too!

    I’ve tried a few heat sprays and always ended up with a weird sticky film on my hair so I’ll have to try and pick some of this up. I don’t tend to straighten mine often though so it’ll probably get used maybe… 5 times a year haha! Great post. Would love to hear about these Violet Boxes as well. They sound really great!

    Fluffy Candy

    • Definitely see if you can get some, no residue left on the hair whatsoever. Just perfection :)

      Violet boxes are really good! If you have a look at my tags and click subscription boxes you can see my posts on Violet Boxes, Bella Boxes and Lust Have It Boxes :) Xoxo

  5. When I bought my GHDs an absolute age ago, it came with a protectant spray that I swore was diluted dishwater. Good to know they’ve upped their game since, but I’m still too scarred from citrus scented Dawn locks. (;

    • Oh no! I don’t think it smelt like citrus at all. Sometimes people can be more sensitive to scents than others. I think it smells fantastic, but I can’t quite put my finger on the exact scent. :)

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