My Nailpolish Collection

I decided that seeing as my nail polish collection isn’t going to grow much until I am off my spending ban, I thought I would do a video on all my lovely polishes :) This is by no way to brag, or show off. It’s more of a way to show you what I have, and I can let you know which ones I don’t like, which ones I love, and which ones I will repurchase over and over again! I don’t have the smallest collection of nail polish, and I no way near have the biggest.

Have a nosy through my collection, and leave a comment on the video letting me know your ALL TIME FAVOURITE nailpolish.

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx

Schwarz und Gold

Schwarz und Gold
Schwarz und Gold by kate-flint featuring a black skimmer


Antonio Marras metallic gold skirt
$1,270 -

Essie nail polish

Yeah, it’s another Polyvore collection. I’M SORRY! I love this website so much! I would love to wear something like this on a Saturday night out for dinner and cocktails.  Isn’t there just something so elegant about Black & Gold?

Think Pink

Think Pink
Think Pink by kate-flint featuring lips makeup

Lips makeup

Essie nail polish
$17 -

After choosing to dye my hair pink on a whim, I thought I would “come out of the closet” as such. No, I am straight. BUT I have a big love of PINK. Yes. The ultimate girly colour. I would love to be matching my makeup, clothes and accessories to my new hair.
What are your thoughts on pink? Too girly, or are you in agreeance with me about the sass factor (hint: it’s high!).
Stay Minty!
Kate Xx


Green with Envy


Kermit said it first. It’s not easy being green. ButJust a few things that caught my eye in my apartment and I thought they would look lovely together. These products are some great favourites and I think Miss Piggy, Queen of Style, would agree that sometimes, green is preferable!

One of my favourites colours (which you can probably guess seeing as my Blog Name is inspired by it) is green. I love deep dark forest green, grassy greens, light greens and of course, mint greens. I find this colour so calming and very relaxing.

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