Horror Movie

Horror Movie
Horror Movie by kate-flint featuring slip on shoes

Halloween top
$37 - newlook.com

UNIF slip on shoes

Matte lipstick

Ciate nail polish
$29 - ciate.co.uk

Even though I am normally pretty brave with wearing crazy things in public, (hello? Pink hair!) I won’t be traipsing around in costumes constantly until Halloween. Alternatively, I’ll be using subtle ways to incorporate some cool spooky stuff into an everyday look.
Is anybody else super duper excited for Halloween?

Presenting: Macabre Monday

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As you may have noticed in previous posts, or general ramblings on twitter, I am a huge fan of all things spooky. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like being genuinely scared. But there is nothing I love more than a horror movie, book or spooky costume! I thought I would start a feature on here for like minded individuals who also love creepy stuff :) And, what better time than the spookiest month of the year, Halloween! I hope to be posting the first of Macabre Monday on the 14th October, so keep your peepers open! For the time being there will only be one of these posts per week. I don’t want to scare you off (hehe).

Some of the posts I am hoping to include in this feature will be book reviews, movie reviews (older classics, indie films as well as newer films), scary costume makeup (I’ve been dabbling in this a little!), spooky facts, scary stories and just general down right creepiness.

If you aren’t into these posts, that’s cool. I won’t be including anything too gory or scary if you happen to flick past, unless you click “read more”. I will be putting warnings in the title if anything gory or spooky will be included in the post, so click carefully! I will also include warnings of spoilers (if any) when reviewing films and books.

I hope there are other horror lovers out there who are as excited as I am! And for those who aren’t as interested in this sort of thing, don’t worry. There will still be an abundance of regular beauty, fashion and life posts as per usual :)

Stay Spooky Minters!

Kate Xx