Macabre Monday #27 - Favourite Werewolf Films

I have always been a lover of werewolf mythology. Whether it is...

02nd Jun

Macabre Monday #26 - Scary Comics

Since I was a kid I’ve loved reading comic books. I had...

26th May

Macabre Monday #25 - V/H/S Series

If you are anything like me, I am constantly on the look...

19th May

Macabre Monday #24 - In the News

Hi Spook Seekers! I decided today would be a great opportunity to...

12th May

Macabre Monday #23 - Favourite Horror Movie Villains

Hey spooky seekers! Today’s post is a bit of a fun one...

28th Apr

Macabre Monday #21 | Slasher Flicks

While it’s not my favourite sub-genre, I genuinely enjoy the thrills and...

07th Apr

Macabre Monday #20 | My Thoughts on ‘A Serbian Film’

Please be certain if you choose to watch A Serbian Film. It...

24th Mar

Macabre Monday #19 - Introduction to Italian Horror Cinema: Part Due

We are back with Part Due of Michelle from Chelle’s Inferno Introduction...

17th Mar

Macabre Monday #18 - GUEST POST | Introduction to Italian Horror Cinema: Part Uno

 Hi everyone! We are lucky enough to have another article from Michelle...

10th Mar

Macabre Monday #17 - Top Urban Legend Monsters

Something I am very interested in is monsters and legends from various...

03rd Mar