Macabre Monday #24 - In the News

Hi Spook Seekers! I decided today would be a great opportunity to update you all of current news events that are just a little bit strange. I’ve linked through to the original news site as well so you can have a proper read through and get all the facts :) Hope you enjoy!

Young Blood Rejuvenates Ageing Signs - This could really be in the beauty section of my blog, but I digress. Through mice studies, they have found that an influx of new, young blood cells increases success in memory games and tasks. While this is great news for those with degenerative diseases, I can’t help but be reminded of the Blood Feud Simpsons episode, where Bart gives Mr Burns some blood.

Austin Sushi Chain Creates Creepy-Crawly Rolls - “How Do You Roll” Sushi Chain in Austin are making interesting sushi rolls available for their US clients, with meal worms and crickets. “It’s very possible we may try a special scorpion sushi for Halloween at How Do You Roll?,” says owner, Johar. “That’s the great thing about Austin: everyone is willing to try something new.” While I am all for trying new foods, but I don’t think I could stomach any bugs!


Music video screencap for Sia's "Chandelier"(Photo : VEVO)

Music video screencap for Sia’s “Chandelier”(Photo : VEVO)

Sia’s new release ‘Chandlier’ - While still brilliant (I am a huge fan of Sia’s song writing and music videos), this video clip starring a young ballet dancer borderlines on sinister. Brilliant choreography, but unsettling all the same.


Chinese Man photoshops girlfriend’s childhood photographs - I’d have to say, if my partner told me he had photoshopped himself into my kiddie photos, I’d be pretty creeped out. “I was unable to meet you when you were little, but I can come to your childhood and play with you.” Really dude, really? I think this kind of borderlines on paedophillia….


Preserve the Love, Wear a Condom - When it comes to advertising for condoms, you can bet your hat it’s going to be at least a little controversial. These Japanese condom ads go the extra mile and make me feel a bit freaked out - ha! The series of photos used for the ads are called Flesh Love, and it is meant to represent how people’s lives become utterly entwined in each other’s when they fall in love.

What are your thoughts on these latest creepy real life events?

Kate Xo


  • Caroline

    Love it! Always entertaining. That last pic, the condom, very weird!

    • Kate Flint

      I agree! So strange - I do like how the ad is focusing on love and not just sex. Even the bodies are arranged into heart shapes <3

  • Amy Liddell

    Very interesting post! I’ll admit I was at the Centre of Life one year and I ate a cockroach and some worms haha! They weren’t actually as bad as you’d imagine!

    • Kate Flint

      I think it’s just the thought of them! I am not sure I could do it but I know others who have :) Good on you for trying them out! :D

  • Jasmine Huston

    Oh lord I am so happy that last one is a condom ad. Here I was thinking it’s a promo for an upcoming Hannibal episode hahaha!

    • Kate Flint

      Hahaha I haven’t watched the Hannibal TV series yet! Can’t wait to check it out! :)