MAC Haul


Welp, the first thing that I want to say, is that I did not buy my MAC from Australia. I purchased it from the US website, and had it shipped to a US address, before they forwarded the package onto me. Let me know if you are interested in learning more about doing this, and I will do a blog post on it! I saved about $250 all up! Please note I have linked to the Australian MAC Website for each product.

Secondly, please be aware that I am a very new MAC user. I was always under the impression that this makeup was “too good” for me (yup, insecurities and self-doubt is a bitch) so I always passed it by. Bear with me guys, I’m new :3

Thirdly, this was obviously BEFORE my 100 Day Spending Ban :)

Fourthly, purple monkey dishwasher. MOVING ON.



The first thing I purchased this haul was the Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC25. I just kind of guessed my colour, and it’s a great fit (luckily)! I chose this foundation because it suits oily skin and has a good coverage to help with my acne scarring. I really like how it doesn’t get absorbed by my skin, but doesn’t make my face look too cake-y either.



Next on my list was Mineralised Skin Finish in Lightscapade. This beautiful highlighter is a lovely, soft champagne colour and feels so light on my skin, and doesn’t emphasise any pores! You can see the slightly pearlescent blue tones in this too, and I am in love! This is also my very first powder highlighter and I am thoroughly impressed!

[Cheeky gif! Anyone else love True Blood?]




I’ve also been going pretty cuckoo for red lipstick lately. Lady Danger is a lipstick that has slightly orange undertones. It reminds me a little bit of a tomato red, which is freaken awesome. I don’t have a red like it in my collection! I am thinking I will do a post comparing Russian Red and Lady Danger. Let me know your thoughts!


Lastly, the main reason for placing an order was for the eye shadow palette. I have been dying to add a MAC eye shadow palette to my collection for a long time now. I have been keeping a shortlist of colours I wanted in my collection most for about four months! I decided on the following colours, all are labeled left to right.



Phloof! Frost finish. Slightly pink undertones.

Ricepaper. Frost finish. A soft, warm yellow champagne.

Omega. Matte finish. Soft taupe.



Expensive Pink. Veluxe Pearl finish. A brown rose with peach and gold undertones.

Sushi Flower. Satin Finish. Medium pink.

Coppering. Veluxe Pearl finish. Rich red copper colour.



Satin Taupe. Frost finish. Bronze with grey undertones.

All That Glitters. Veluxe Pearl finish. A coppery golden beige.

Woodwinked. Veluxe Pearl finish. Warm antique gold.



Charcoal Brown. Matte finish. Medium-Dark cool toned brown.

Smut. Velvet finish. Cool toned charcoal brown with a burgundy finish.

Sable. Frost finish. Mid-tone plum brown.



Goldmine. Frost finish. Intense Gold Shimmer.

Sumptuous Olive. Veluxe Pearl Finish. Olive green with brown and golden undertones.

Humid. Frost finish. Forest green with a subtle gold sheen.

That concludes my MAC haul! I hope you enjoyed seeing the new toys I have to play with. I am super excited to be able to create some new exciting looks!

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx

10 thoughts on “MAC Haul

  1. Woah, enormous haul! No wonder you’re on a spending ban now. (;

    While reading this, my bf looked over my shoulder at your lips slicked with Lady Danger and began singing the intro song to Rocky Horror.

  2. Nice haul! I think you made some very nice choices. Of them all, I’m quite smitten with Lady Danger. On your lips, it looks so wearable.

    • Thank you so much! It’s a really great red, I think it will suit a lot of skin tones! From very pale to very dark, and everything in between.

  3. Great haul! The all that glitters eyeshadow looks so pretty!
    I feel sorry for you having to go to all that hassle just to order mac stuff! I didn’t know it was so expensive in australia!

    Check out my blog? :)

    • It is so expensive! Very crazy! A lot of things here are a lot more expensive so I tend to buy things from America, but still support Aussie businesses where possible.

      I will check out your blog tonight! Thanks for stopping by :) Xx

  4. Oh my goodness that’s a great haul! For some reason I missed reading this post I don’t know how /: and that eye-shadow palette is to die for I love the satin taupe, did you get to fill it with your chosen colours? Such a great idea to ship to the US first super smart! Do you need to know someone over there to do so? xxx

    • Haha that’s ok. I love going back through blogs and finding hidden gems too! I constructed the palette myself on the American MAC Website and sent it through Hop Shop Go. You simply set up an account and get your things sent there. Once they receive your products you pay them for postage and then they send it on to you! Even with the MAC makeup and additional postage it worked out to be about $150 cheaper than buying straight from the Australian store. Crazy!

      • Oh that’s awesome constructing personalised palettes seems like so much fun haha no need to de-pot them that way! And oh thank you I’ll have a look when I get some spare time I never knew a thing like that existed how handy :) xx

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