What I Broke My Spending Ban for…

I will begin by warning you, I didn’t purchase much - which I think is a good thing. My ‘giving in’ to my spending ban early, I feel like I avoided a huge haul of stuff that I will eventually not use, like some of my current collection.


First, I went to Priceline and really behaved myself! I bought the L’Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream Anti-Dullness. I initally poo-pooed this CC Cream because omg another BB/CC/DD/etc Cream? Do I really need that? NOPE!

However, after more and more reviews came through my Bloglovin’ feed praising the trio of CC Creams available, I changed my tune. I love wearing my matte finish full coverage foundations at night, but during the day, I need something a little more forgiving. Concealer, of course, would still be essential. But I wanted something lighter for the warmer Spring months ahead. I had been using Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation which is lovely and light, but I still think it is classed as a medium coverage foundation.

CC in this instance stands for Colour Corrective. This cream in particular is the Anti-Dullness cream, and begins a lovely lilac shade. Once blended into your skin, it adjusts to your skin tone and blends seamlessly. Now, anyone who has bleached their hair blonde (or perhaps studied 10th Grade Art Class) will be familiar with the colour wheel.

The complementary colours to the primary colours ‘negate’ or neutralise each other. So when you have a huge, obnoxious pimple, a green concealer will mask it. Likewise, when you shampoo your hair with purple shampoo, it will neutralise the brassy yellow tones.

This CC Cream is purple, so it reduces the sallow, yellowing skin (gosh that sounds awful!) and brightens up your complexion instantly. I have worn this CC Cream every day since purchasing it and I have to say, it’s definitely worth the money. It is super easy to apply and blended beautifully into my skin. I used it with my L’Oreal Nude Magique Smoothing Primer and it lasted all day, with a little touch up of powder required as expected.

It may sound like I am an ambassador for L’Oreal but I swear this is not the case! (L’Oreal Gods, if you are listening, I would love to!) I just happen to really love their Nude Magique range. Like a lot.

I also purchased a dress, a shirt and a new pair of demin shorts from Jay Jays. There isn’t a great deal of clothes shopping available in my local shopping centre, but I fell in love with these pieces, and thought some new Spring duds would tide me over for a while.



The dress is a cloth white sleeved dress, with pretty lace detailing in some areas. This dress can be smarted up for the office, or dressed down to be great for a spring day in the sun. I may feature this in a post soon showcasing both ways. Comment down below if you are interested.


I also bought a Navy Tie Dye T-shirt (super comfy!) and some pale denim cut offs. I haven’t bought a new pair of shorts in  a while and thought these would be great for covering up my swim suit when I go to the beach.

And that is all I bought! Not really haul worthy but hey, it’s something. And I am super happy with my little treat :) What have you purchased lately that you are in love with?

Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes


With Spring just around the corner, I’ve been eyeing off my pastel bright colours a lot more frequently! Here are my five favourites that I think are going to feature a lot this Season on my pointers and piggies.


OPI A Grape Fit is the perfect purple nail polish. It’s a beautiful opaque colour that reminds me of Hubba Bubba grape bubblegum (the best flavour of course). You can’t go wrong with a lavender purple, especially in the warmer months.


Essie Mojito Madness is a delicious lime/mint green. The colour of life and renewal, I of course had to include it in this post! I am thinking of teaming this with a silver glitter accent nail for a little extra sparkle.


This Bloom Nail Polish in Cyndi is a great orange hue, and really brightens up toes for a peek of colour. This formula could be a touch more opaque but it’s such a gorgeous creamy colour that I will let it slide :)


Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Instyle Coral is THE coral colour for this spring. It looks amazing on both fingers and toes. The brush is also fantastic for application! It will definitely be featuring on this blog in the future, keep your eyes peeled.


The last nail polish is another Rimmel London Lasting Finishing Colour - in the I <3 Fruities collection. The colour is Lemon Drop and is an amazing pastel yellow colour that reminds me of daisies :) These Rimmel London Nail Polishes are also dirt cheap at Priceline for Aussies!

What are your picks for this Spring?

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx