MAC Editorial Orange Lip Palette - Swatches & Thoughts




My amazing sister Megan was very sneaky and ordered me the MAC Editorial Orange Lip Palette! These are not available from Australia, but you can order them online on the American MAC site, and then ship it to an American address.

ANYWAY, onto the fun stuff! The lip palette! I love the idea of having a lip palette because it will be fantastic for travel! That’s six colours with minimal room being taken up in your travel makeup bag (I am all about minimising travel needs so I can buy more amazing while I am away!


The first colour in the palette is So Chaud, which is a matte finish. I was worried that the matte finish wasn’t going to work nicely, or be really difficult to apply, but it’s really lovely. It’s a lot nicer to put on a matte finish by MAC than a cheaper drugstore matte lipstick. It’s a beautiful orange brick red colour and I think this is a really lovely statement lip. Sometimes you can feel a bit gaudy during the day wearing such a crazy lip colour, but this one I think is perfect for day time wear, and is sophisticated enough for corporate wear as well! Also, with this lipstick, I don’t think you would need to wear a lot of other makeup with this colour. Just a little flick of black eyeliner and you’re good to go!


The next lipstick in the palette is Look at Her in Sheen Supreme. To me this colour is a beautiful rose gold colour, and it is a dream to put on the lips. It probably won’t ever be my favourite lipstick but I will definitely get some wear out of it!


The third lipstick in the palette is Crosswires, which is a Cremesheen finish. One of my favourite bloggers slash youtubers is Essiebutton, and she named this in her Top 5 MAC Lipsticks. Here is her review on this particular lipstick! I think she said it best when it reminds her of a colour the Joan Holloway of mad men would wear. I completely agree! The colour is a kind of rose pink/orange hybrid and it very sheer, and I think this is going to be one of my new favourites! I’ve heard that this colour sells out quite often so I am really excited to add it to my collection!


Sandy B in a frost finish reminds me so much of an apricot version of NARS Orgasm. It is a beautiful peachy apricot colour with slight shimmery gold particles. When I put this on my lips, it takes the pinkness of my natural lip colour to really make it a similar tone to Orgasm. I think I am liking the frost finishes by MAC even though a lot of other people don’t particular favour them.


This colour is Morange in an Amplified finish. This was the next lipstick on my list to buy so I think that’s why Megan chose this palette! Smart Lady :) So this colour is SO pigmented! I wore it very sheer in the video so it’s really cool that you can build up the colour. Kitsch Snitch got me onto Morange and she wears it so well! Go check out her blog here!


The last lipstick in the palette is called Bronze Shimmer in a frost finish. I probably won’t wear this colour on it’s own, but it could be really cool to incorporate it into an ombered lip look. It would also look freaking fantastic on tan or darker skin, so if you have a darker skin tone, definitely check this colour out!

And that concludes my lipstick palette! I am currently experiencing difficulties with the YouTube video that accompanies this post. Keep an eye out on twitter and YouTube so you don’t miss out the live swatches!! I would love it if any of the minty fresh family could also subscribe while they are over on YT! It’s completely free and once I reach 100 subscribers I plan on organising a great giveaway for you all!

Stay sassy :)


4 thoughts on “MAC Editorial Orange Lip Palette - Swatches & Thoughts

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  2. Hi Kate. Thanks for sharing about this MAC palette. I’m not sure if these shades would suit me, but you’ve got me thinking I need a lip colour palette now!

    • I think Crosswires would really suit you! That’s more pinky and definitely wearable. You can also by other lip palettes from MAC including plums, pinks, reds and browns. I haven’t tried many lip palettes from other brands but I will be looking into it for travelling purposes! :D

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