Mintmas Day 11: Hot Summer Christmas

So I am really struggling in this heat at the moment. I feel like this is the hottest Christmas season I’ve ever had! Maybe because I am older and crankier than previous years. Anyhow, instead of dwelling on this heatwave, I thought I would list down all the great things of having a Hot Summer Christmas to help make us Southern Hemispherians feel a little better!



Beach Cricket

Sunbathing (safely with SPF!)

Seafood Lunches

Cold roast meats on Christmas

Summer Fruits (Peaches, Nectarines, MANGOES, etc)

Adding fruit to every single salad

Cold, Fruity Cocktails

Cold Beer

Cold Wine

All cold alcohol…

Undone, beachy hair

Getting to wear cute, summer dresses on Christmas Day

Lying down in the air conditioning with a food coma

What’s your favourite part of a Summer Christmas?


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