Benefit Benetint vs ModelCo Cheek & Lips Tint


A rosy red flush and bitten lips is a look that has been around for centuries, mainly to encourage a look of fertility! I love using a rosy red tint instead of powder/lipstick combination because it can look so natural and it’s criminal how easy it is to do. It’s a great look for cooler things to make you appear like you just came in from the cold, and also the warmer months for that slightly flushed look.

I recently came across the ModelCo Cheek & Lips Tint in the bellabox monthly subscription box. I was excited to use this product because I wanted to see how it fared against the coveted and best known stain of all time, Bene-tint by Benefit.

Contender 1: ModelCo Cheek & Lips Tint


Price - RRP $24.00

Net Weight - 3.8g / 0.13oz

Price per gram - $6.31/gram

Consistency - Gel Stain


- Gel is easy to manipulate

- Colour pay off is good

- Works well on both lips and cheeks


- can sometimes be clumpy to work with

- More expensive per gram

Overall Thoughts

I really enjoyed using the ModelCo Cheeks & Lips Tint. It is easy to use when it is in gel form and I really like the texture of the product. The colour pay off is great, so such a small amount of product goes a long way! I found that after a few uses the product can become slightly clumpy around the top of the opening. Definitely try and only squeeze the product out slowly because if you have too much that sits outside the tube it goes bad.

Contender 2: Benefit Bene-Tint


Price - RRP $55.00

Net Weight - 14g / 0.5oz

Price per gram - $3.93 per gram

Consistency - Liquid Stain


- Liquid Consistency allows you to use less per use

- More bang for your buck dollar wise


- Can leave a stain on skin if left for too long in one spot

Overall Thoughts

I found that the liquid consistency was easier to control the amount of product you actually used, instead of squeezing out product like with the ModelCo tint, you have a paint brush wand to apply the product. The issue I have with the wand is that if you paint it on and don’t rub in the product straight away, it can really stain your skin, and you end up with little stripes on your cheeks. This isn’t so much of an issue with the lip application, only cheeks. The bene-tint I have is a much smaller version which I got in a makeup kit by benefit. It’s a great tester size, but I will definitely be buying this in full size when I run out!


Both of these are amazing products and both do a great job for longevity, easy application and both have a beautiful natural flushed colour that would suit every skin tone. If I had to choose, I would choose Bene-tint by Benefit. The price is less per gram of product, and there is also less product wastage with the application method.

Do you own either of these products? What are your thoughts of them?

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